Reinaldo Marcus Green: On Location

Director Reinaldo Marcus Green is drawn to stories in which determination and pride triumph over challenged beginnings, from his debut feature, Monsters and Men (2018), to Joe Bell (2020). A veteran of the NYU Tisch Graduate Film Program, he cites Spike Lee and his own moviemaking brother, Rashaad, as inspirations; prior to directing, Green also did a stint on Wall Street and as a teacher in inner-city schools. Having grown up in New York with sights on playing Major League Baseball (his single father was his coach), he felt a personal resonance with his most recent film, 2022's Oscar-nominated King Richard, a narrative spin on the real life of Richard Williams, the alternately steely and loving father of tennis legends Venus and Serena. For Green, it was crucial that the film authentically reflect the Williams’ pride of place in Compton, California, including the neighborhood tennis courts where Green shot the film’s seminal scenes of the sisters’ early training. Before heading to London to shoot his latest biopic, on reggae legend Bob Marley, he took us back to the South Central location, discovered by production design maestro Wynn Thomas. For the director, the perfectly imperfect cracked concrete courts from which the Williams sisters rose to rule the world allowed his script and the cast’s performances to truly come to life. “Putting people in real environments helps that,” he says.



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